One God Sanctuary and Meditation Center

Townshend, Vermont

 Our Purpose:

The purpose of the One God Sanctuary and Meditation Center is to share the universal teachings of the mystical traditions and to promote opportunities for people to experience truth within themselves. We recognize the core of truth within all the world's great religions, and we strive to inclusively foster a growing, personal recognition and experience of the love which shines from every human heart, the abode of the living God. To this end, we read from texts of all the great mystic traditions, contemplate their meanings, and go within to meditate and find resonance within ourselves of the truth. We hold only two basic tenets: that God as the one immanent and transcendent reality exists; and that God loves each one of us with a love that is so vast as to be beyond our ability to measure or comprehend. Meditation is the path that can lead us to knowing the God Self within us and to experiencing that love which transforms to joy all that it touches.

What We Offer:

The One God Sanctuary and Meditation Center was conceived and built with the intention to offer a quiet place for people to gather and work together toward greater spiritual fulfillment. It is a beautiful, peaceful place for you to come and sit in quiet contemplation of the divine and to seek further understanding of your own personal path toward oneness. It is entirely inclusive and adheres to no dogma of any established religions, but seeks to nurture unity and wholeness. Please feel free to contact me through this website (see Contact Us) or by phone if you would like to use this space for meditation or for any other sacred activity. Meditation advice and various techniques can be shared upon request. We are located at 1895 Grafton Road, Townshend, Vermont, 1.8 miles on Route 35 from the center of town. The phone number is (802) 365-4251. Please see the Writings section of this website to read some of my thoughts.

All services of the One God Sanctuary and Meditation Center are offered free of charge. Susan Hunt, Facilitator

What is Meditation?

One definition of meditation (by Eknath Easwaren) is “systematically training the mind to focus completely on a lofty ideal until that ideal absorbs our every faculty and passion…The central principle of meditation is the we become what we meditate on.”(from Love Never Faileth)

 Easwaren recommends using the Prayer of St. Francis  (see page Writings/Quotes) as the focus of meditation; alternatively, you can use any spiritual text that you find uplifting and meaningful. The idea is to focus your consciousness on a single point to quiet the mind, and also to use the words of the prayer or text to raise up your consciousness, to spiritualize your mind. Easwaran’s entire meditation program and his book  Passage Meditation is available free on line at:

One quote by St. Augustine gives us a clear idea of the importance of meditation: 

“People travel afar to marvel at the heights of mountains, the mighty waves of the sea, the long courses of great rivers,the vastness of the ocean, the movements of the stars, yet they leave themselves unnoticed.”Meditation is a method of “noticing” your Self, the inner-dwelling presence of God that is within each of us. This is the path that will lead you to the profound awareness of how deeply you are loved, how precious you are, and to “the peace that passes all understanding."

Another quote that succinctly expresses the purpose of meditation is from the 16th c. Christian mystic, Angelo Silesius:

“God, whose love and joy are present everywhere, can’t come to visit you unless you aren’t there.”

This means you must become empty, clear, and open, without thoughts, concepts, or judgments, to allow the grace of God to be felt within you. Meditation is the path that leads to this emptiness.

Suggested prayers to use for meditation can be found in the Writings section of this website.


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